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Photos: Fact Check Training At Abia State



The Abia State Project Fact Check Nigeria training was a successful one where media practitioners gained insight on how to fact check stories before making them public.

Below are highlights of the event in pictures

Signing Of MOU With Partner Station and Presentation Of Gifts

MOU Signing with Flo FM
MOU Signing with Flo FM

Fact Check Training In Session

Fact Check training in session

Hand Over of Certificates

Certificates of participation where also given to the attendees who took part in the training.

Group Pictures

Other pictures from the event

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African News

Has Erisco Foods changed its brand name after recent controversy?



An image circulating on social media claims thatEriscoFood company has rebranded as a face-saving measure after their recent controversy.

The claim is unproven.


Several Facebook posts now claim that Erisco has rebranded and changed its name after consumers boycotted its products over the move against Ms. Okoli.


One of the posts reads: “JUST IN: Erisco Foods Reportedly Rebrands Under New Name Nicodemously Amidst Boycott Of Product.”


The posts included photos of the owner of the company, its Nagiko tomato mix, and another brand of tomato mix called “Tomagood”, implying that this was the new brand name.

The tomato mix that Okoli tested in 2023 had the name “Nagiko” on it, which is the same as in a photo that was attached to some of the Facebook posts.


Erisco is a local maker of tomato paste, tomato mix, drinks, seasoning cubes, milk and chocolate cubes.

There is no evidence to show that the one with “Tomagood” on it was made by Erisco Foods.


According to its website, the company produces its tomato mixes under three names: Nagiko, Ric-Giko and Erisco.


There is nothing on the company’s website or social media handles to suggest that the company has changed its name. Its logo and other information on its website, including social media posts, remain under the name Erisco.


There is also no information about the purported “Tomagood”.

There is no evidence that Erisco Foods has changed its brand name. The photo of the tomato mix attached to the post suggesting a name change is not one of the brands on the company’s website.

Erisco Foods Limited became controversial after suing a Nigerian woman named ChiomaOkoli. It accused her of cybercrime and defamation for posting damaging claimsabout its tomato mix on social media in September 2023.


Okoli was critical of the quality of the tomato mix, expressing dissatisfaction with its taste and texture, and suggesting that it could be harmful.


Okoli’s case received widespread media coverage due to the resulting public outcry, with many suggesting that Erisco’s response was heavy-handed and an attempt to suppress consumer feedback.


However, in May 2024, the court granted Okoli bail in the sum of N5 million (US$3,640) and required her to produce two sureties, among other conditions.


The claim that EriscoFoods has rebranded their Tomato to Tomagood is FALSE


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Breaking News

Did TV Host Lambast US First Lady, Jill Biden, over President Biden’s Failures?



A viral video purportedly shows a TV host lambasting the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, accusing her of hypocrisy during a live show.

The video is DOCTORED


The one-minute 51-second clip from a TV show, “The View”, featuring Whoopi Goldberg and other co-hosts, started with the First Lady, Jill, showering encomium on her husband the President.


The screen featured the rider, “First Lady Dr Jill Biden Discusses the 2024 Election.” As posted by @damonimani on TikTok.

A guest listens alongside Goldberg as the show’s supposed, host rashly takes over the conversation from Jill accusing the First Lady of complicity in her husband’s alleged exploitation by his handlers.


The host also hurled invectives at President Biden, questioning his mental and physical capabilities, suggesting he is being manipulated like a puppet.

The text accompanying the TikTok video reads as follows: “Wow! Can you imagine a Nigerian journalist being brave enough to say this to a sitting Nigerian First Lady? This speaks volumes about the practice of journalism in a functional democracy!”


A screenshot from the video was subjected to reverse image search and the results revealed that the supposed host on the TV show is actually Damon Imani, an Iranian-born producer and artist known for creating video content on various topics, including societal issues, news, and current events.


The original video which was filmed on ABC when Jill was hosted on “The View” by Goldberg and co-hosts. Dr. Biden’s new children’s book titled “Willow the White House Cat” was featured. Imani was not on the original set.


It turned out that Damon Imani created a mock appearance using the original video, exploiting Dr. Jill Biden’s talk show visit to mock President Joe Biden as part of his satirical content.




#FakeNewsDebunker, #FactCheck, #ViralClaims, #PfizerCEO, #EriscoFoods, #JillBiden, #TruthMatters, #SocialMediaMyths, #NewsVerification, #DebunkingMyths, #Misinformation

The claim that a TV host lambasted US First Lady, Jill Biden, over her husband, President Biden, is False.



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African News

Was Peter Obi Arrested By DSS?



A story about the alleged arrest of the 2023Labour Party Presidential, Mr. Peter Obi, was first posted by a Facebook page Kugjay Media.


The claim is FALSE.


Checks revealed that the story has also been shared by another Facebook user “MachieJohnbosco” with a link to

The post was published to mislead and drive traffic, as the story on the website was not attributed to any reporter nor was any credible source cited.The story has no time and date of the arrest. It does not have any video or photo evidence.


The website publication claimed that Peter Obi was arrested by the Department of State Services (DSS), However, a search on Peter Obi’s personal X handle ‘@PeterObi’ shows that he tweeted at 1:11pm onWednesday8th May 2024. The tweet indicated that he was at a meeting with the United Kingdom Member of Parliament and Shadow Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, at the time he was reported to have been arrested.


Igbo Times Magazine published the story on Tuesday, 7thMay 2024, but a search through the Igbo Times blog shows that it publishes several content aimed at attracting traffic.


The report by Daily Excessive did not attribute the story to any official or credible source and did not state the crime Peter Obi committed to warrant his arrest or where exactly he was arrested.



There is no evidence to back up the claim of Peter Obi’s arrest. The claim is False.


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