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Photos: Fact Check Training At Abia State



The Abia State Project Fact Check Nigeria training was a successful one where media practitioners gained insight on how to fact check stories before making them public.

Below are highlights of the event in pictures

Signing Of MOU With Partner Station and Presentation Of Gifts

MOU Signing with Flo FM
MOU Signing with Flo FM

Fact Check Training In Session

Fact Check training in session

Hand Over of Certificates

Certificates of participation where also given to the attendees who took part in the training.

Group Pictures

Other pictures from the event

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African News

Has MTN barred GLO from calling its users?



Unverified information being spread says MTN has barred GLO lines from calling its users

The claim is FALSE.
There’s been back and forth lately between MTN and GLO over an alleged debt GLO owes MTN.

Sequel to this, MTN has written the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) requesting to bar GLO lines over the debt.

NCC had published a pre-disconnection notice but resend to a ten day, then 21 days. The disconnection is presently on hold for 21 days starting January 17.

GLO has also officially denied the allegations of an interconnect debt.

However, official information at the moment have it that all disconnection attempts are on hold.

The claim that MTN has disconnected GLO lines from calling MTN users is FALSE.

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Does America use spy pigeon to watch citizens and threats?



A Tiktok video explains that the United States of America uses spy pigeons for intelligence and to monitor enemies of the state.

The claim is TRUE.

An article published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in 2019, dug into the use of spy pigeons by the CIA.

Findings showed that the use of spy pigeons dated back to World War 2.

Also a document on the national security archive backs the claim on the use of spy pigeons.

The CIA also published a report to explain its use of pigeon camera in carrying out intelligence surveillance.

The claim that America uses spy pigeons to monitor and annihilate threats is true.
— — — —

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Was Congo Election chairperson beaten for announcing fake result?



A video circulating on social media claims that a woman being beaten in the video is the Democratic Republic of Congo election chairperson and that she was beaten for announcing fake results.

The claim is FALSE
The video has been seen on Twitter, Facebook and has been forwarded many times on WhatsApp.

One of the captions reads: “Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ELECTION COMMISION CHAIR HUMILIATED AFTER ANOUNCING FAKE AND RIGGED RESULTS. Until we have this action in dubious countries in Africa,  we wouldn’t have peace. Because they are protected with police and several forces. The time is coming.”

The video shared amidst the presidential election held in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) recently showed voters who had come to cast their votes at a polling centre beating a woman who struggled to flee the hostile mob.

The president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) in DR-Congo is male, and his photographs, as published by credible news platforms, show no resemblance to the woman in the video.

A simple Google check brings the picture of a man named Mr. Denis Kadima, described as the “election chief”.

His name was found published on Aljazeera and Voice of Africa (VOA) as the president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).

The claim that video shows CENI president being beaten for announcing fake election results in Congo is FALSE.

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