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Did Wike Order the demolition of Jabi Motor Park?



Following his press conference on assumption of office as the minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike has been quoted to have ordered the demolition of Jabi Motor park in Abuja.


The claim is FALSE


One of the sources of the claim is from a one minute-twenty-seven-seconds video shared on Tik-Tok and forwarded many times on WhatsApp


According to a report by Daily Trust, someone speaking in the Hausa language was heard lamenting that “Everyone in Nigeria knows Jabi Park and today the government has ordered its demolition. Our shops have been demolished and our business burned.” However, Daily Trust debunked the claim and confirmed from those at the park that there is neither ongoing demolition or notification of such at the Jabi park and there had been none in 2023.


Still Several statements continued to be shared on social media and blogs supporting the claim.


Verifying the video using a Google reverse image, results revealed that the video was from 2020 when the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) ordered the demolition of illegal shops in the Jabi Motor Park.




The claim that the FCT minister Nyesom Wike had ordered demolition of Jabi Motor Park is false.

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Has Erisco Foods changed its brand name after recent controversy?



An image circulating on social media claims thatEriscoFood company has rebranded as a face-saving measure after their recent controversy.

The claim is unproven.


Several Facebook posts now claim that Erisco has rebranded and changed its name after consumers boycotted its products over the move against Ms. Okoli.


One of the posts reads: “JUST IN: Erisco Foods Reportedly Rebrands Under New Name Nicodemously Amidst Boycott Of Product.”


The posts included photos of the owner of the company, its Nagiko tomato mix, and another brand of tomato mix called “Tomagood”, implying that this was the new brand name.

The tomato mix that Okoli tested in 2023 had the name “Nagiko” on it, which is the same as in a photo that was attached to some of the Facebook posts.


Erisco is a local maker of tomato paste, tomato mix, drinks, seasoning cubes, milk and chocolate cubes.

There is no evidence to show that the one with “Tomagood” on it was made by Erisco Foods.


According to its website, the company produces its tomato mixes under three names: Nagiko, Ric-Giko and Erisco.


There is nothing on the company’s website or social media handles to suggest that the company has changed its name. Its logo and other information on its website, including social media posts, remain under the name Erisco.


There is also no information about the purported “Tomagood”.

There is no evidence that Erisco Foods has changed its brand name. The photo of the tomato mix attached to the post suggesting a name change is not one of the brands on the company’s website.

Erisco Foods Limited became controversial after suing a Nigerian woman named ChiomaOkoli. It accused her of cybercrime and defamation for posting damaging claimsabout its tomato mix on social media in September 2023.


Okoli was critical of the quality of the tomato mix, expressing dissatisfaction with its taste and texture, and suggesting that it could be harmful.


Okoli’s case received widespread media coverage due to the resulting public outcry, with many suggesting that Erisco’s response was heavy-handed and an attempt to suppress consumer feedback.


However, in May 2024, the court granted Okoli bail in the sum of N5 million (US$3,640) and required her to produce two sureties, among other conditions.


The claim that EriscoFoods has rebranded their Tomato to Tomagood is FALSE


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WABMA Fake News Debunker Edition 86.



WABMA Fake News Debunker Episode 86 | Child Support Fund, Peter Obi Arrest, Deadly Fruit Combos?

🚩 Is the Federal Government paying N50,000 child support fund to Nigerian parents?

🚩 Was Peter Obi arrested by DSS?

🚩 Do fruit combinations cause death?

Uncover the truth behind these circulating claims in our latest episode!

🎥 Watch Now:

🙏 Please check out this week’s edition of WABMA’s Fake News Debunker.

WABMA collaborates with a network of media practitioners to debunk misinformation on social media and news outlets.

🚀 Download more Debunker videos and articles 👇


#FakeNewsDebunker #WABMA

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Do fruits combinations cause death?



A Facebook user warned that combining some fruits, such as Orange and Carrot, Pineapple and Milk, Papaya and Lemon, Guava and Banana, Banana and Lemon, and so on, can cause death.“Eat any of these paired fruits and you could die,” he warned.  Similar posts have been widely shared on social media.


The claim is False.


Africa Check had earlier debunked this claim but such posts still abound online and are shared widely on social media.


The World Health Organisation, WHO, notes that fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes as well as assist in the prevention of heart disease. 


Several scientists and nutritionists have stated that there is no scientific proof that combining these fruits would cause death.

Africa Check quotes Dr.  Simeon ChituruAchinewhu, Professor of food and nutritional biochemistry at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, as saying that:

“The claim is false; Combining them together is not harmful to the body.”

Professor Achinewhu added that, “They are not poisonous and cannot cause death.”



The claim that combining some fruits, such as Orange and Carrot, Pineapple and Milk, Papaya and Lemon, Guava and Banana, Banana and Lemon, can cause death is False.


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