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Is website link for Oyo State palliative funds real?



A notice being shared across social media claims that the Oyo State government is calling on citizens to apply for #25,000 palliative fund via a website link


The claim is false


According to the circulating message, interested benefitiaries were to visit the link to confirm eligibility.


Though the state governor Seyi Makinde recently announced that the state government will pay Oyo Workers 25,000 and Pensioners N15,000 for Six Months, He however made no mention of a website link.


The pseudo website redirected to one reno-coin website which didn’t load as at the time of check.


A government official explained that workers and pensioners will get the fund credited to the account numbers registered with the state government.


If at all there will be need for a website, it would be the Oyo State government website –



The web link for checking eligibility for the Oyo State palliative fund is FALSE.

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1 Comment

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    December 7, 2023 at 3:08 pm


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WABMA Fake News Debunker| Edition 87



WABMA Fake News Debunker
| Edition 87

– Did Pfizer’s CEO say he wants to reduce the world population by half by 2023?

– Has Erisco Foods changed its brand name after the recent controversy?

– Did a TV host lambast US First Lady, Jill Biden, over President Biden’s failures?

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🙏Please check out this week’s edition of WABMA’s Fake News Debunker.

WABMA collaborates with a network of media practitioners to debunk misinformation on social media and news outlets.

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Did Pfizer’s CEO say he wants to reduce world population by half by 2023?



A video shows Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, saying his goal is to reduce the world’s population “by 50%” by 2023.

The claim is FALSE!


The thirty-second video obtained on WhatsApp showed the Pfizer CEO allegedly saying that his goal is to reduce the population of the world by 50%by 2023.The video was shared with the caption:

“Holy Crap! Can you believe Pfizer CEO says it’s their dream to reduce the population by 50 percent in 2023?”


This is an edited version of what Bourla said. In the edited video, Bourla appears to say: “By 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%.” Numerous people across social media shared the edited footage, including one Facebook user who asked, “Who will arrest these two men and set up a citizens court to try them for charges of premeditated mass murder?”

The video was an edited version of an actual conversation Bourla participated in at the World Economic Forum in May 2022. In the real video, he says:

“I think that is really fulfilling of a dream that we had, together with our leadership team when we started in 2019. The first week we met in January of 2019 in California to set up the goals for the next five years – and one of them was by 2023, we will reduce the number of people in the world that cannot afford our medicines by 50 percent. I think today this dream is becoming reality.”


The edited clip omitted the words “that cannot afford our medicines.” The full interview is available on the World Economic Forum’s YouTube page, and the moment can be seen at the 2:35 mark:



The claim that Pfizer CEO said he will reduce the world by half is FALSE, given that the original source of the video was edited to present a misleading version of what Bourla.


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Has Erisco Foods changed its brand name after recent controversy?



An image circulating on social media claims thatEriscoFood company has rebranded as a face-saving measure after their recent controversy.

The claim is unproven.


Several Facebook posts now claim that Erisco has rebranded and changed its name after consumers boycotted its products over the move against Ms. Okoli.


One of the posts reads: “JUST IN: Erisco Foods Reportedly Rebrands Under New Name Nicodemously Amidst Boycott Of Product.”


The posts included photos of the owner of the company, its Nagiko tomato mix, and another brand of tomato mix called “Tomagood”, implying that this was the new brand name.

The tomato mix that Okoli tested in 2023 had the name “Nagiko” on it, which is the same as in a photo that was attached to some of the Facebook posts.


Erisco is a local maker of tomato paste, tomato mix, drinks, seasoning cubes, milk and chocolate cubes.

There is no evidence to show that the one with “Tomagood” on it was made by Erisco Foods.


According to its website, the company produces its tomato mixes under three names: Nagiko, Ric-Giko and Erisco.


There is nothing on the company’s website or social media handles to suggest that the company has changed its name. Its logo and other information on its website, including social media posts, remain under the name Erisco.


There is also no information about the purported “Tomagood”.

There is no evidence that Erisco Foods has changed its brand name. The photo of the tomato mix attached to the post suggesting a name change is not one of the brands on the company’s website.

Erisco Foods Limited became controversial after suing a Nigerian woman named ChiomaOkoli. It accused her of cybercrime and defamation for posting damaging claimsabout its tomato mix on social media in September 2023.


Okoli was critical of the quality of the tomato mix, expressing dissatisfaction with its taste and texture, and suggesting that it could be harmful.


Okoli’s case received widespread media coverage due to the resulting public outcry, with many suggesting that Erisco’s response was heavy-handed and an attempt to suppress consumer feedback.


However, in May 2024, the court granted Okoli bail in the sum of N5 million (US$3,640) and required her to produce two sureties, among other conditions.


The claim that EriscoFoods has rebranded their Tomato to Tomagood is FALSE


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