Will the UK bar Nigerian Students from bringing their families abroad?



There are speculations indicating that the United Kingdom will bar Nigerian students from bringing their relatives into the country.

The claim is True

According to a report by The Sun UK, the United Kingdom will from January 2024 commence the enforcement of new restrictions that will stop Nigerian students and other nationalities studying in the UK from bringing their families over.


The crackdown will see all masters students and many other post grads banned from bringing family over.


The ban will however not apply to PHD students whose courses usually last between 3 and 5 years and are very highly skilled.


This decision came following reports that net migration into the UK has skyrocketed to 1 million with Tory MPs asking the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, “to get a grip on the rocketing numbers.”


“There has been an explosion in the number of people coming to Britain piggybacking on their relative’s student visa. Students brought 135,788 family members to Britain last year – nine times more than in 2019. Last year, 59,053 Nigerian students brought over 60,923 relatives.”


The UK government through the secretary of State for the home department, Suella Braverman said oversea students will be stopped from switching from the student visa route to a work visa until their studies have been completed.


She said the UK will also review the required funds students must have to demonstrate that they can look after themselves and their dependents.


Braverman explained that the move was necessary to protect the UK economy



The claim that the UK will bar Nigerian Students from bringing dependant relatives abroad is TRUE.


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