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Ken Ike-Okere

Journalist, editor and media activist

Ken Ike Okere is the Team Lead of Project Fact Check Nigeria, a collaborative project of the West Africa Broadcast & Media Academy’s WABMA Media Development Foundation, Enugu Literary Society (ELS) and the US Consulate General Lagos in 2021-2022, during which 2200 journalists and young people across 17 states in Nigeria were trained on how to detect fake news and misinformation and the techniques for combating fake news including practical fact-based verification skills.


Additionally, Ike initiated several fact checking programmes for radio as part of the campaign to check the spread of misinformation on social media.


Ken Ike Okere is the Editor of DEBUNKER, a video, audio, and print fake news debunker series, produced several times weekly and distributed directly to thousands of people via WhatsApp and social media and other digital platforms and archived on the website,



Ike has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Media Arts, Journalism and Communications from universities in Nigeria and the USA, plus professional certification in Training.


His experience spans Print, Broadcast and Online media. He is often a trainer for the BBC Media Action in Nigeria, US Consulate General, Lagos, the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB), Dakar, Senegal and the FRCN National Broadcast Academy, Lagos, among several others.

An Ashoka Fellow and social entrepreneur, Ken Ike specializes in fact-based reporting, development, political and crises journalism, and health communications.