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Did Pope Francis cancel the Bible as claimed by Facebook users? 



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First stop – Did Pope Francis cancel the Bible as claimed by Facebook users?

A  HYPERLINK “” \t “/Users/ekeneodigwe/Documents\\x/_blank”Facebook post by Nathan Kuma claims Pope Francis, as part of his reform, has cancelled the Bible and proposed creating a new book. 

According to  Kuma, this is because the pope believes the Bible is outdated and in need of change.


To verify we followed the YouTube link and watched the video and observed that this four minutes five seconds video posted with the caption “Faith and Reform in the Catholic Church from The Vatican: A Wholly Roman Empire”, did not address the topic of the Bible and the need for its change. 


The video’s focus was on how Rome remains the heart of catholicism and a keyword search led to fact-checks, and, debunking of this claim.


Next, is a message on WhatsApp claiming that INEC permanent voters’ cards (PVCs) registered in 2011 are no longer valid and must be revalidated.

Remember in January 2022, INEC HYPERLINK “” \t “/Users/ekeneodigwe/Documents\\x/_blank” dismissed claims by Nigerian presidential aspirant that previously issued voters’ cards had expired.


“PVCs issued to all previously registered voters remain valid,” it said.


According to INEC eligible voters should not register more than once as card readers will still function in the 2023 election

The WhatsApp message was “false and should be ignored”, PVCs are issued by the elections agency.


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Did Nigeria’s Covid cases jump 45% in the first nine days of April 2022?


A  HYPERLINK “” \t “/Users/ekeneodigwe/Documents\\x/_blank”report in the Nation, a national newspaper in Nigeria, has claimed that Covid-19 cases in the country increased 45% from 1 to 9 April 2022.


The 11 April article cited data from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and said new cases increased from 182 to 265 in the period. 

Are these numbers correct?


On 12 April the NCDC director-general Ifedayo Adetifa  HYPERLINK “” \t “/Users/ekeneodigwe/Documents\\x/_blank”told journalists the news reports were inaccurate. The said Data does not support the newspaper’s percentage

The disease control centre publishes Covid-19 data in weekly and daily updates.

The number of new infections recorded on 31 March and 1 April was published on 2 April. According to the data, 53 new Covid cases, not the 182 cases reported by The Nation newspaper.


The number of cases recorded in the preceding week was 172.

From 2 to 11 April, the total number of cases  HYPERLINK “” \t “/Users/ekeneodigwe/Documents\\x/_blank”recorded was 165, not the 265 cases reported by the news organization.


Therefore Nigeria’s number of Covid cases did not increase by 45% – it reduced from 172 to 165.

As of 19 April 2022, Nigeria had conducted 5,036,813 tests for Covid, with 255,633  HYPERLINK “” \t “/Users/ekeneodigwe/Documents\\x/_blank”confirmed cases and 3,142 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

When in doubt, visit NCDC’s official website and social media verified pages.



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#Fake News Debunker Edition 51.



#Fake News Debunker Edition 51. 

*Will the UK bar Nigerian Students from bringing their families abroad? 

*Did the United Nations Publish that Men are becoming scarce? 

*Is it true that restaurant sells human skin in New York? 

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Is it true that restaurant sells human skin in New York?



A video spreading across various media claims a restaurant in New York has been licenced to sell human skin.


The claim is FALSE, we checked


The video shows a man, sharing another video from a supposed news broadcast. A check on the station in the background of the video shows it does not exist as the supposed presenter also fidgets in what could be likened to an unprofessional presenter.


Further findings revealed that it was fake news that had been in circulation since 2016. It was first published by a medium – Empire news which has been flagged as a fake news website.


The article claimed one Mario Dorcy, the acclaimed owner of the restaurant called SKIN, received a licence after petitioning the state and federal government over laws against cannibalism.


Empire News has a disclaimer on its website stating that all published stories are fictitious. Many media have also fallen victims of the story without adding a disclaimer.




The claims that a restaurant has been licenced to sell human skin in New York is FALSE


The claim that US citizens were killed during attacked launched on embassy convoy is FALSE

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Will the UK bar Nigerian Students from bringing their families abroad?



There are speculations indicating that the United Kingdom will bar Nigerian students from bringing their relatives into the country.

The claim is True

According to a report by The Sun UK, the United Kingdom will from January 2024 commence the enforcement of new restrictions that will stop Nigerian students and other nationalities studying in the UK from bringing their families over.


The crackdown will see all masters students and many other post grads banned from bringing family over.


The ban will however not apply to PHD students whose courses usually last between 3 and 5 years and are very highly skilled.


This decision came following reports that net migration into the UK has skyrocketed to 1 million with Tory MPs asking the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, “to get a grip on the rocketing numbers.”


“There has been an explosion in the number of people coming to Britain piggybacking on their relative’s student visa. Students brought 135,788 family members to Britain last year – nine times more than in 2019. Last year, 59,053 Nigerian students brought over 60,923 relatives.”


The UK government through the secretary of State for the home department, Suella Braverman said oversea students will be stopped from switching from the student visa route to a work visa until their studies have been completed.


She said the UK will also review the required funds students must have to demonstrate that they can look after themselves and their dependents.


Braverman explained that the move was necessary to protect the UK economy



The claim that the UK will bar Nigerian Students from bringing dependant relatives abroad is TRUE.


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