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Did Rishi Sunak light candles on Downing Street after he became UK Prime Minister? 



A video of Rishi Sunak, prime minister of the United Kingdom (UK), performing Hindu rites is circulating online.

In the video, Sunak could be seen kneeling outside 11, Downing Street, placing flowers and lighting candles at the doorstep.

Sunak, of Indian descent, is one of the youngest UK PMs at 42 and the first man of color on the seat.

He became prime minister after being elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party, replacing Liz Truss who resigned after heavy criticism of her economic policies.

This claim is false, here are the Facts: 

Our checks revealed that the video in question is not linked to Sunak’s appointment as prime minister. 

The circulating video was taken in 2020 when Sunak was celebrating Diwali, an Indian festival,which usually falls between mid-October and mid-November in the English calendar. 


Speaking in the video, he said the lockdown had constrained him to celebrate the Diwali festival at Downing street, instead of India with his family, adding that it was a necessary measure for safety.


The video of Sunak performing Hindu rites is from November 2020, during the Indian Diwali celebration. It has no link with his appointment as prime minister as claimed.


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African News

Is website link for Oyo State palliative funds real?



A notice being shared across social media claims that the Oyo State government is calling on citizens to apply for #25,000 palliative fund via a website link


The claim is false


According to the circulating message, interested benefitiaries were to visit the link to confirm eligibility.


Though the state governor Seyi Makinde recently announced that the state government will pay Oyo Workers 25,000 and Pensioners N15,000 for Six Months, He however made no mention of a website link.


The pseudo website redirected to one reno-coin website which didn’t load as at the time of check.


A government official explained that workers and pensioners will get the fund credited to the account numbers registered with the state government.


If at all there will be need for a website, it would be the Oyo State government website –



The web link for checking eligibility for the Oyo State palliative fund is FALSE.

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African News

Is CAC offering free registration and #50,000 cash?



A message circulating on WhatsApp claims that the federal government has ordered the Corporate affairs commission to register people and businesses for free.


The claim is FALSE


The message which is still circulating on WhatsApp added that individuals or businesses registered will received #50,000 cash.


Other benefits as listed on the message included “Certificate of Incorporation, Legal Liability Protection, Free International Trade, Continuity, Ability to transact Oversea, Reputation With Customers, Getting on FG Record.”


The message added a web link ( for interested applicants to enroll.


Checks by Project Factcheck Nigeria showed that the website is a phishing link designed to extract details of unsuspecting applicants.


After filling the details, it was discovered that applicants are expected to share a link on WhatsApp till an icon turns green.


However, no matter how long you shared, the colour remain the same.


Meanwhile, CAC had in a tweet warned the public to disregard the viral message.


“Please disregard any SMS or WhatsApp message asking you to enrol for free CAC registration, as it is not from us! Thank you.” The tweet read.


The claim that CAC offering free registration and #50,000 cash is FALSE

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Edition 71 Fake News Debunker



Edition 71 Fake News Debunker Join us in this episode as we dive into the world of truth-seeking and myth-busting.

We’ll investigate three captivating headlines circulating the web.

From the intriguing documentary that claims to showcase the first graduate from Makoko, to the authenticity of a picture depicting an Eyimba player in a handwritten jersey for a football match, and the alleged announcement by CBN regarding plans to redenominate the naira – we’re here to separate fact from fiction. Our evidence-based analysis will unveil the reality behind these stories. Stay tuned for a fact-checking journey you won’t want to miss. Join us as we debunk these stories and separate facts from fiction. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more exciting debunking content. If you have a story to be fact-checked, tag us on our socials @wabmaonline, or share it with us on WhatsApp at +234 902 547 8072. Let’s debunk fake stories and spread the truth together. Stay tuned for more engaging content from WABMA’s Fake News Debunker! 🕵️‍♂️🔍 #FakeNewsDebunker #WABMA #FactCheck #DebunkingMyths Please feel free to download whichever format you wish, from, or from our YouTube channel, and share generously and use on your media platform! #WABMA’s Fake News Debunker works with a network of media practitioners to debunk misinformation shared on social media and news outlets. Every week, we publish in article, audio, and video formats #WABMA’s Debunker for the #week. Media practitioners, and the general public, are encouraged to join this network of professionals and user-generated debunkers. Fact-checkers are compensated for work accepted. WABMA’s Fake News Debunker is a product of the West Africa Broadcast & Media Academy (WABMA)/ and ELS Project Fact Check Nigeria, supported by the US Consulate General, Lagos. ———————————————————————————————————————– #DebunkingViralClaims #FactChecking #StayInformed #politicstoday #education #wabma #debunker #fakenews #media #trending #news #debunker #wabmatv #wabma #entertainment #politicstoday #efcc #election #pdp #apc #labour #debunker #entertainment #politicstoday #WABMA #apc #obito #education #politicstoday #newupdate #editions #politicstoday #debunker #education #arisenews #training #education #wabma #politicstoday #education #BreakingNews #CurrentEvents #InvestigativeJournalism #EntertainmentNews #tinubu #CelebrityGossip #SportsHighlights #WeatherUpdates #PoliticalCommentary #SocialIssues #LifestyleAndCulture #TechnologyNews #BusinessAndFinanceUpdates #InternationalNews #HealthAndWellness #EducationNews #ScienceAndTechnologyAdvancements #EnvironmentalIssues #TravelAndTourism #FoodAndCooking #artsandculture #Debunking #factchecking #Hoax #misinformation #disinformation #FakeNews #FalseClaims #ConspiracyTheories #truth #accuracy #EvidenceBased #ReliableSources #CriticalThinking #Skepticism #Credibility #Journalism #Exposing #FactFinding #InvestigativeReporting #Verify

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