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Is Atiku the Owner of Tiger Skyscraper Estate in Dubai?



A viral WhatsApp video which was also widely shared on TikTok and Twitter claims Atiku is the owner of an expansive skyscraping estate seen in the clip. The claim is FALSE

Facts are:

After close observation of the video, we found two overlapping usernames. Although blurry, they were two different user identities. using the InVid Metadata tool, we extracted relevant information about the given data and the result shows that the video may have been technically tampered with as the creation date reads, “Fri Jan 01, 1904, 00:13:35 GMT+0013 (West Africa Standard Time).”

Similarly, using the same tool, the coordinates of the clip were missing hence its origin could not be geolocated. 

We, therefore, deployed the Jeffrey metadata viewer to extract the coordinates but it again proved abortive, however it revealed the original IP address as 

Using a web-based IP address we traced the original location which revealed that the clip originated from Abuja the Federal Capital Territory with Latitude: of 9.05735 (9° 3′ 26.46″ N) and Longitude: of 7.48976 (7° 29′ 23.14″ E) as seen in the image


The claim that Atiku is the owner of Tiger Skyscraper Estate in Dubai is therefore FALSE. 


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WABMA Fake News Debunker Episode 79



💥 WABMA Fake News Debunker Episode 79

🚩 Is the voice note from the Whatsapp ambassador real?
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Has MTN barred GLO from calling its users?



Unverified information being spread says MTN has barred GLO lines from calling its users

The claim is FALSE.
There’s been back and forth lately between MTN and GLO over an alleged debt GLO owes MTN.

Sequel to this, MTN has written the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) requesting to bar GLO lines over the debt.

NCC had published a pre-disconnection notice but resend to a ten day, then 21 days. The disconnection is presently on hold for 21 days starting January 17.

GLO has also officially denied the allegations of an interconnect debt.

However, official information at the moment have it that all disconnection attempts are on hold.

The claim that MTN has disconnected GLO lines from calling MTN users is FALSE.

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Does picture show Tony Elumelu’s daughter?



A picture being circulated on social media claims to be displaying United Bank for Africa, UBA’s Chairman, Tony Elumelu, alongside his daughter who plaited ‘all back’ during a visit to the President of Benin Republic.

The claim is TRUE.

Putting the picture being circulated on Google image, it brought results leading to the verified Facebook and Instagram pages of Tony Elumelu.

Tony Elumelu posted the pictures with the caption “Today in Benin Republic meeting with President Patrice Talon and his lovely wife Claudine Talon also featuring Gogo Lee #BackToWork #TOEWay”

Findings showed that ‘Gogo Lee’ is the nickname of Elumelu’s second daughter Ogochukwu also known as Ogor.

The picture of Elumelu’s visit has since been shared by many citing Gogo Lee as an example of modesty and humble lifestyle despite access to affluence.

The Picture showing Tony Elumelu’s daughter wearing a red shirt, black trouser and ‘all back’ hair is TRUE.

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